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Biocase – Protecting your phone and the environment

Did you ever think about the stuff your smartphone case is made of? Well, we did. And we found out that it’s made mostly of crude oil. Don’t like crude oil? Neither do we. So we set out to find innovative materials, that maintain all qualities of a regular case, but at the same time help us protect the environment. Biocase is made of biobased materials. This doesn’t mean that it looks weird or has some kind of irritating odor. It even has the same characteristics as a case made from regular raw oil based plastics.

No losses in protection or longevity!

97% renewable materials
100% Swiss Engineering
70% less carbon dioxide emissions


From the beginning on, we offer the following colors for your iPhone 7 / 8 and iPhone 6 / 6s. We hope there’s something for you.

Swiss Made guarantees for highest quality standards.

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„The biobased materials used for the Biocase have nearly identical mechanical properties like conventional materials. The fact that they are biobased makes them perfect for a sustainable future.“

Christoph Zajonc

Head of Engineering

Swiss Injection Moulding Company

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